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Guyana Women Miners

The Guyana Women Miners Organisation was launched on the 25th January 2012, and has been companioning the combat against trafficking in persons (TIP) while seeking to empower women in mining.  The organisation’s objectives includes the creation of training and employment opportunities for women, improving the working conditions for women in mining, building an organisation that is responsive to the needs of its members and women in the mining, to conduct sensitisation sessions to educate stakeholders on issues relating to sexual harassment and other forms of abuse and trafficking in persons (TIP).

Within theyears of our existence, we have rescued over thirty individuals from TIP. We have fostered victims and given them an opportunity at acquiring an education and attending court. From 2013 to present, the GWMO has executed numerous successful sensitization campaigns and rescue missions. The organisation has witnessed and advocated for the enforcement of the trafficking in persons act, for improved housing facilities, training and intensified sensitization and rescues; to date the little change has been forthcoming.

We have maintained a permanent presence in the hinterland and have built an extensive communication network over the years, which provide us with updates on social changes of communities, mining areas, villages and towns; that span the nation. This has afforded us the opportunity to successfully execute sensitization and rescue missions, including one in January 2015, which was funded by the British High Commission.

Moreover, the organisation has opened the first safe home for victims of trafficking in persons, which is geared at providing housing and training to TIP victims. This venture is a collaborative effort between the Mercy Sisters and the GWMO, and has been supported by Canada Funds for Local Initiatives.