Guyana Women Miners Organisation

The Guyana Women Miners Organisation was launched on the 25th January 2012, and has been companioning the combat against trafficking in persons (TIP) while also seeking to empower women in mining.  From 2012 to present, the organisation continues to reach its objectives through the operations of its two arms: – the mining division and social services division. In our mining division, two of our main goals are to provide our members with entrepreneurial and developmental opportunities and to advocate for equal treatment and opportunities in the mining sector. Within our social services division, our major focus is on Human Trafficking.

Within our organisation, we have different smaller units, one such unit is our Trafficking In Persons Unit (TIP Unit). This unit’s main focus is rescuing, rehabilitating and reintegrating victims of human trafficking. The unit is comprised of a coordinator and assistant coordinator, with even smaller divisions such as childcare division, family support division, healthcare division and the tactical response team which comprises of all of the members of this unit.

In December 2015, in partnership with the Sisters of Mercy, a Catholic Diocese and the Canadian Fund For Local Initiatives, we were able to open Guyana’s first safe home for victims of human trafficking. From its inception to now, we have provided services to over twenty (25) women and girls and two babies. Even though we are not funded, with the aid of our ever present members and through our partnership with our local International Organization for Migration (IOM), within the last year we were able to return three (3) victims internationally.

The GWMO continues to build our network through strong partnership for the benefit of our nation’s most vulnerable populations